CFA 2049 - An Exceptional Bonheur Du Jour

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In French, bonheur du jour translates as "daytime delight" and is a type of lady's writing desk.

The bonheur du jour is always very light and graceful and this is a fine mahogany example. A raised back surrounded with a three quarter gallery serves for placing small trinkets and ornaments, whilst the open shelves are flanked by two small lockable cabinets above three small drawers with regency style brass knobs. A large single drawer with ebony banding and boxwood stringing opens to reveal a lift up tooled leather writing surface with fitted interior. The whole is supported by straight, tapering legs and inverted under shelf.

Complete with two keys, this beautiful piece of furniture in perfect condition is ready to grace any home.

Dimensions: Height: 3'5" - Width: 2'3" - Depth: 1'5"

Price: £1695