CFA 5887 - A 19th Century Coromandel Vanity Box

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A 19th century Victorian coromandel vanity/jewellery box of exceptional quality and offered in great condition. The box is fitted with two perfume bottles, five glass pots (two larger, three smaller) and three rectangular glass boxes of varying sizes. The central removable compartment is unfortunately not complete but currently features a pair of scissors and nail file. The box is made of coromandel wood (one of the most expensive and exotic woods during the Victorian era) and has two hidden compartments for jewellery; there are two spring-loaded buttons, one opens the the sliding secret floor to the front and the other opens a concealed compartment in the side. A concealed button to the lid opens the leather-bound plaque in which is set a mirror, also revealing secret compartments behind. The mirror is removable and has ruched purple velvet to the opposite side.

Complete with key - This is rare as they often become lost over the years.

Dimensions: Height: 8" Width: 12" Depth: 9"

Price: £795