CFA 6103 - A Fine Mahogany Bureau Bookcase -SOLD-

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- Sorry this item is now sold -

This fantastic mahogany bureau bookcase with moulded cornice over a pair of astragal glazed doors complete with working lock and key, opens to reveal three adjustable shelves, providing lots of storage space for roughly a hundred books.

This piece is in two sections and the cabinet bookcase sits on the base which features a writing bureau and drawers. A pull-out loper on each side of the short drawers supports the sloping fall front of the bureau once open. This bureau features a tooled caramel brown leather writing surface and is fitted with six pigeon holes and six small drawers which flank a central cupboard, ideal for documents, letters, stationary etc. This sits above two short over three long graduating, cross-banded and lockable drawers with brass swan neck handles. The whole sits on shaped bracket feet.

The usefulness of this piece of furniture is immediately apparent serving as a bookcase, a desk/writing surface and providing lots of storage space via the drawers in the base.

Complete with five keys - The bookcase, fall front bureau and the three long drawers are all lockable.

The piece is in two sections, allowing for easy transportation and assembly.

Dimensions: Height: 7'0" Width: 3'2" Depth: Fall front closed: 1'7" and fall front open: 2'10"

Price: £1295