CFA 6159 - A Piano Top Walnut Davenport

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This fine walnut piano top davenport is so called because when the top is closed it resembles that of a piano.

The sectaire slide with green leather writing surface conceals two small drawers and fittings, while a stationary compartment with pigeon holes rises from the back. This is operated by a small button concealed in one of the two small drawers, operating via a system of counter balanced weights concealed in the main body, this can be simply pushed back down into the base after use.

There are four drawers that open at the side of the base section, with simulated (dummy) drawer fronts on the opposite side.

A fine piece of furniture in perfect condition, ready to grace its new setting.

Dimensions: Height: 3'1" Width: 1'10" Depth: 1'10"

Price: £1295