CFA 6215 - 19th Century Convex Mirror

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Also known as "Butlers" or "Bullseye" these mirrors were displayed in dining rooms, the outward bending (convex) glass allowed the butler and servers to see the entire room, while staying discreetly out of sight.

This is a rare small 19th century example with the convex glass encased within an ebonised reeded slip, the moulded gilt wood frame decorated with 16 spheres and four bow details, surmounted by an eagle with outstretched wings. The base decorated with a fan-like pendant.

The frame is wonderfully detailed which sets the mirror off beautifully, this has the most elegant appearance and could happily grace any room in the house.

There has been some damage to the eagle over time and the gilding is faded in places please see photos.

Dimensions: Height: 1'4" Width: 9.5" Depth: 2"

Price: £295