CFA 6240 - A Bachelors Chest TV Cabinet

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An attractive burr walnut faux Bachelors chest TV cabinet. The double-hinged doors open and fold flat against the sides to open up the cabinet for unobstructed viewing. The bottom drawer opens and folds down, an ideal place for a DVD/Blu-ray player, games consoles, DVD storage etc.

The hinged top on a Bachelors' chest would fold open to create a writing surface. This fold out would be supported by pull out lopers. In this case the lopers are dummy and act as hinges to the cabinet door, the hinges for the folding top are also just for show and the top is fixed.

This is a quality piece ready to grace it's new home.

Dimensions: Height: 3'1" Width: 2'6" Depth: 1'7"

Price: £495