CFA 6351 - Mahogany Sutherland Table

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The Sutherland table was named after the Duchess of Sutherland, Queen Victoria's Mistress of the Robes and is a sought of cousin to the Pembroke table.

It is characterised by a narrow central section supported on a trestle-like, cheval base with deep flaps either side.

This mahogany example has an attractive base with sturdy turned supports and splayed feet terminating in brown porcelain castors. The flap supports pivot outward from the centre of the underframe just below the top also terminates in castors and support the flaps.

The usefulness of such a table is immediately apparent; its narrowness in the folded position enables it to be tucked away in a small space, while the deep flaps provide a spacious top when opened out.

Dimensions: Height: 2'5" Width: 3'0" Depth: 7" or 2'0" or 3'6"

Price: £595