CFA 6427 - A Set of 4 Rosewood James Shoolbred Chairs

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A set of four Edwardian rosewood chairs inlaid with harewood and boxwood by James Shoolbred & Co, London. James Shoolbred & Co was a draper and later a department store, located on Tottenham Court Road, London.

The store was established in the 1820s at Tottenham Court Road selling textiles for home furnishing. In the 1870s the store began designing, manufacturing and selling high quality furniture, until the company ceased trading in 1931.

The chairs are in good condition, however the fabric on the seats is a little tired and would benefit from being reupholstered.

Dimensions: Height: 2'9" and Seat Height: 1'6" Width: 1'6" Depth: 1'4"

Price: £795