CFA 6442 - Edwardian Oak Tantalus -SOLD-

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A tantalus is an open rack that holds liquor decanters, usually three. What makes them interesting is that the tops of the decanters are secured by a locking mechanism on the tantalus so that the stoppers can't be removed unless the tantulus is unlocked.

The tantalus gets its name from the Greek mythological king Tantalus. Since to be tantalized is to be tempted with something you can't have. Tantalus was condemned to hell and was forced to stand in a pool of water that would recede when he tried to drink it…And hence the name.

Here we have a fine Edwardian oak example with three cut glass decanters, each with a silver hallmarked label for whiskey, sherry and brandy. Sherry is hallmarked Birmingham 1975 and brandy and whiskey are hallmarked London 1977. The locking mechanism is still intact; unfortunately the key is no longer with it.

Dimensions: Height: 12" Width: 1'3" Depth: 6"

Price: £495