CFA 6462 - A 19th Century Walnut Vanity Box

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Here we have a 19th century Victorian burr walnut vanity/jewellery box of exceptional quality, offered in great condition.

The box is fitted with two scent bottles, two ink wells, five glass pots (three larger, two smaller) and three rectangular glass boxes of varying sizes. The small central removable compartment includes a pair of scissors, nail file and other nail implements. The whole front middle section lifts out to reveal storage space. There is a hidden compartment to the base for jewellery; there is a spring-loaded button which opens the sliding secret floor to the front. A concealed button to the lid opens the leather-bound ruched blue velvet plaque in which there is also a mirror set into the opposite side. By pressing the button and removing this plaque you will reveal a secret compartment behind which would have been used for storing letters, envelopes, papers etc. The top of the box is inlaid with a central mother of pearl crest and there is a mother of pearl escutcheon to the front of the box surrounding the keyhole.

Dimensions: Height: 7" Width: 12" Depth: 9"

Price: £895