CFA 6562 - An Oak Extending Refectory Table -SOLD-

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- Sorry this item is now sold -

This is a gorgeous oak refectory table and is the ultimate in home or kitchen dining. If you like the farmhouse look then an extending oak table is just what you're looking for.

A superb extending oak refectory dining table with the option of incorporating one or two separate leaves, to extend the table up to 8'6", making it a comfortable eight seater table. The table is 5'6" wide when unextended, by adding one leaf the table measures 7'0" and with both leaves measures 8'6" fully extended.

If your room dimensions dictate that a shorter table would be better for everyday use, the leaves simply slide into grooves set beneath the table top when not in use. You can make use of the leaves to seat more people when needed.

Dimensions: Height: 2'7" Width: 5'6" or 7'0" or 8'6" Depth: 3'0"

Price: £1895

* If you're looking for a set of chairs to accompany this table, please see our selection under "Chairs (Sets)" - Alternatively you could give us a call *