CFA 6642 - A Glazed Oak Bureau Bookcase -SOLD-

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- Sorry this item is now sold -

Here we have a glazed oak bureau bookcase. The moulded top over two wavy arched glazed cupboard doors opening to reveal two shelves. The base with a fall front bureau sits over two drawers both with geometric Jacobean style X mouldings. Once opened the fall-front reveals a spacious work surface including a tooled brown inlaid leather writing surface and a fitted interior with pigeon holes, shelves and a small drawer. The whole stands on four turned legs with a front barley-twist stretcher.

This piece is in two sections allowing for easy transportation and assembly.

Dimensions: Height: 6'8" Width: 3" Depth: 1'5" closed and 2'5" with the fall front open

Price: £495