CFA 6645 - Set 8 Hoop Back Windsors -SOLD-

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Here we have a superb set of 8 Windsor chairs made from the finest English oak. The set consists of 2 arm chairs (carvers) and 6 single side chairs. These are the traditional and much loved Windsor chair design featuring the crinoline stretcher, turned legs, back splat and saddle shaped seats. They are very comfortable, solid and are of sound construction. These are perfect for that rustic cosy farmhouse look.

6 chairs + 2 carvers

Dimensions: Carver: Height: 3'6" Seat Height: 1'7" Width: 1'7" Depth: 1'6"

Single Chair: Height: 3'4" Seat Height: 1'7" Width: 1'9" Depth: 1'6"

Price: £2295